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MED Certification

The MED Certification is a comprehensive performance Test according to IMO MSC and a corporate audit of all parts of the supply chain to control the quality of products used on board of commercial vessels. At the time of testing and most likely still today iFoam™ Marine is the only Fluoride free fire fighting foam in the world, that has passed the MED certification.

iFoam™ MED Certification


Tackling the MED (Marine Environment Directive) Certification was one of the most challenging projects of PREVENT TEC Group in the years 2018 and 2019.

Surprisingly for most might be, that the real challenge was not, to develop a product, that is highly performant under real life conditions. With iFoam™ M (Multi Purpose Foam) PREVENT TEC Group had a very powerful and proven product already in the drawer.

The true challenge was -like so often for our products- to adapt them to testing scenarios, that comply with EU regulations and rather so often have nothing in common with the real world scenarios and the requirements of fire fighters.

For PREVENT TEC Group with its revolutionary foams and gels it is a split we have to perform since many years. The challenge is:

“How to develop a foam, that is performing in real world scenarios, DESPITE regulations?”

PREVENT TEC is seeing this conflict again and again over the years. Only one example is our FireEX 600 Spray Can, that can proof a performance several times higher, than a conventional fire extinguisher, but due to world wide regulations can not be certified as a fire extinguisher. An aerosol can can according to these regulations not be a fire extinguisher, even if it is several times more powerful.

For Class B (flammable liquids) a typical scenario in performance testing is, that a square bassign is first filled with water and the flammable liquid is poured on top. This testing scenarion will almost never be found in the real world. But it helps many AFFF foams to pass this test.

Regularly we get comments from fire fighters, that are claiming, that tested and certified AFFF foams are not working. They do not extinguish in real applications.

So, as much as PREVENT TEC group is truely proud, that we passed MED Certification for our iFoam™ Marine, we are even more proud, that we managed the split and this product really performs exceptionally well in the real world – DESPITE Certification.

If you did not yet see iFoam™ in person, you should give it a try.